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In addition to pictures and articles about Daniel Conn, you will also find posts in regards to other players on the Sydney Roosters including Braith Anasta, Todd Carney and Shaun Kenny-Dowall.

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This site is in no way officially associated with Daniel Conn. We do not know how to get a hold of him or his people. Though we do know from a past interview that his agent is hilarious.

All pics were found by searching Google, Zimbio or other forums. In addition, we do occasionally receive emails with pictures. Again, unless otherwise noted, we do not own any of them.

We are in the US, so postings are done based on the Pacific timezone.

We’re still learning the game of Rugby League. Don’t yell at us if our verbiage isn’t correct. It is what it is. We make the best effort possible.


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 07/01 – Memories

I’ve delayed posting this because it makes me sad. Time to stop procrastinating.

Today is a bittersweet day. This marks our last post on DCFC. We’re so thankful for all of your support over the last year. To say goodbye, we’ve put together our favorite pics of Daniel Conn. We hope you enjoy! We’ll miss you all.

Thank you,

~Lindsey and NightOwl

Who doesn't love this GIF??


The picture that started it all................






Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/22

Todd Carney Tuesday – 06/21

Mitchell Pearce Monday – 06/20

A Letter From Us:

I’ve been writing this letter in my head for the better part of two weeks. It’s taken me that long to come to terms that I need to put it on paper.

When Daniel Conn announced his retirement a few weeks back we were all saddened by his sudden retirement. New pics of him were difficult to come by when he was playing. Now that he’s retiring they’ll be next to impossible to find. Over the last few weeks NightOwl and I have talked about the blog and whether or not it should continue. This is the Daniel Conn fan club and it doesn’t feel right to start posting pics of other players every day. Plus you guys have spoken loudly that you come here to see DC. With that said, we’ve decided not to continue with the blog. Thursday 06/30/11 will be our last post. We’ll leave the blog up so that the previous posts can still be browsed.

This has been an amazing year for NightOwl and I. We’ve built new friendships with people across the world. We’re so thankful for that and for all of the support you guys have shown us. We’ll miss this but this is the best decision for us at this time.

Thank you again for all of the support and guidance you’ve shown us over the last year. We’ll miss you all.


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/09

Thanks for all of the emails and comments in regards to Daniel Conn. We are aware that he is retiring and are sad to hear the news. We also wish him the best with his surgery and hope he recovers quickly.

In addition, we are discussing if and how to proceed with the blog. This is the Daniel Conn fan club and you’ve all made it clear you come here for him. We’ll keep you updated once a decision been reached.


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/08

I'm going to miss seeing this face on the field.

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