Monthly Archives: August 2010

Daniel Conn GIF’s

Thank you to the incredibly talented NightOwl for making these.


Pic of the Day – 08/30

From this weeks game:

I don't care that you were on the ref's report. That tackle was HOTT!!!!

Roosters WIN!!

Congrats to the Sydney Roosters for their 30-14 win over the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles (with a name like that you deserve to lose)

Pic of the Day – 08/28 – Saturday Night

I will NEVER tire of this picture.

My one dream in life that will NEVER come true 😦

Pic of the Day – 08/26

I want to bite his collarbone. Badly.

Pic of the Day – 08/25

I wish I had been around to help apply ointment to his tattoo when it was new.

Pic of the Day – 08/24

You're a smart kid. I too agree that he is so hot you just have to stare.

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