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Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 09/30

Occasionally miracles happen. Today is one of those occasions.

NightOwl and I were blessed with what we’ve been hoping for all along, a pic of Todd Carney and Daniel Conn together. Enjoy!! I know NightOwl and I are.

Dear Daniel and Todd, You two should sell hugs to raise money for the charity nest. Or yourselves. I don't care what the reason is, I'm buying.


Good Morning!!

Like the smirk there Daniel. Love the smile more though.

Todd Carney Pic of the Day – 09/29

Say hello to my new desktop wallpaper. NightOwl sent this to me while I was at work. I almost died. Literally. Drinking soda and looking at half naked Todd Carney pics WITH tattoos does not help with your lungs function.

Good Morning!!

You can't beat that smile. I have to ask he wearing a Saints shirt? Random.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 09/28

Dear kids, You fail at checking out hot NRL players. There's one right in front of your faces. NightOwl would pay an obscene amount of money to be in your shoes. Literally your shoes. One day you'll look back on the experience and shake your head in disappointment. I'm already doing it for you. PS: If you're looking to your left to check out Todd Carney I'm TOTALLY ok with that.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 09/27

How can you not love the smile on his face. PS. I can name every player in this pic despite not being able to see faces. Go me.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day (with a side of Todd Carney & Mitchell Pearce) – 09/26

Those are 3 of the HOTTEST elbows in the NRL.

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