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Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 10/31

I post this version because NightOwl doesn’t want his hot face covered up. And sadly we are unable to accommodate PBPaula’s request and remove the pumpkin.

I wonder what Daniel was for Halloween.


Video – Toddy and Mitchell

Thanks to Neos12321 for uploading this to YouTube.

I’m in love with this video. The looks on their faces are priceless.


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 10/31 – Halloween Edition

The holidays are fast approaching and we’re already in the gift giving mood. We thought we would start the gift giving season early. You’re Welcome!!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!

Lindsey, NightOwl, PBPaula

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 10/28 OICU Todd Carney

Oh, is this a game of strip peek-a-boo?? I'm game. You go first.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 10/27

I can't quite read what the bottom of your stomach tatt says. Care to pull those shorts down and help a girl out??

Bonus Todd Carney Pic of the Day – 10/26

I'm also choosing lifeguard as my career choice in my next life.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 10/26

In my next life I want to be an Australian.

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