Grand Finals Day!!

It’s Grand Finals day in Australia (it’s still Saturday here).

We want to wish the Roosters good luck and share with you a few of our favorite pics from the season.

NightOwl: I love this picture because every time I see it, I crack up. Braith just looks so happy and I love that the photographer was able to catch him mid-air, just seconds before he scored a try.

Lindsey: I love watching Todd Carney prep for his conversions. He’s so focused and determined.

NightOwl: Todd Carney and Mitchell Pearce’s friendship is something that I have always adored. This picture makes me smile and it captures the moment so well. They were all so happy to be going to the Grand Final.

Lindsey: I know, it's not a game pic. It's a training session pic though and that's close enough for me. I use this picture so that I can say: Dear Todd Carney, This is the only HOOKER you're allowed to be around. <3, Me. Plus the way he's standing makes me LOL

NightOwl: Some of my favorite Daniel Conn game pictures are in our banner, so I decided to pick a more recent game picture. I love this one because it was such an amazing moment for him. He not only scored a try in a game against his former team, he helped solidify a Roosters win (and looked damn good doing it).

Lindsey: The excitement they had here in Round 1 is the same as what they had in the Panthers game last week. This is why I love this team. They don't take winning for granted.

Once again we share our favorite video of the season. It encompasses everything that is the Sydney Roosters.

Good luck boys!!!


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