Letter to a Rooster – Volume 2

Dear Todd Carney,

I can’t lie. I’m still pissed about you not being selected to play for the Roos. I know I shouldn’t be,  I’m sure you were honored to even be considered. Blah blah blah. It’s bullshit. You’re a great player. You had a hell of a season and despite being injured finished the Grand Final game. Doesn’t this coach know that you are a multi talented player?? You can do all types of things.

Not only would you play your hardest (see below example):

I REALLY like this pic. The ingression in your face. Unf.

But on off days you could mow the coaches lawn (again, see below example):

Who wouldn't want to see this riding around their backyard??

You’re not just a one faceted player. The Roos have no idea what they’re missing. One day they’ll see it. Until then I’m happy to keep you to myself, along with all the other Roosters fans of course.




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