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Shaun Kenny-Dowall Saturday – 02/26

No words


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 02/25

We can't wait for March!

Letter to a Rooster – Volume 7

Dear Todd Carney,

You aren’t supposed to be socially accessible. I’m not referring to Facebook or MySpace. I’m talking Twitter. You see, your having a Twitter is not good for me. It’s too much temptation to just @ mention you. And I REALLY don’t want to get blocked before footy season starts. But seeing as how you chose to get one we should talk twitter etiquette.

First things first – I’m going to need you to convince Daniel Conn to get a Twitter account. He can choose some cool name like @ConnyIsHot or @IlovePriscilla. Those are just suggestions of course. Most importantly he just needs a Twitter account. All the cool kids are doing it. You should keep Mitchell from Twitter though until he figures out his facial expressions in pics. Case in point:

Secondly – Please tweet more than once a day. Even if it’s completely random or a pic of your dog, Roy is adorable, that is perfectly acceptable.

Third – I don’t actually have a third thing. It just sounds good in letters.

I look forward to the upcoming season.



PS: I’m glad your groin is all better.



Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 02/24

This is a screen cap from the Roosters Golf Day Highlights video. Look at that shoulder!

In case you missed it, The Sydney Roosters recently held their annual Golf Day at The Coast Golf Club. You can read about it here…

and watch the video here…

(all our favorites make an appearance!)

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 02/28

We've posted this pic before but I'm pretty sure no one is going to complain about seeing it again 😉

Daniel Conn Pics of the Day – 02/23

Yesterday we received an email full of pics from one of our awesome readers. She sent us some shots from the Roosters vs. Sea Eagles game last season. Here’s two shots of Daniel looking amazing.

Todd Carney Tuesday – 02/22

Who’s ready for footy to start???

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