Letter to a Rooster – Volume 7

Dear Todd Carney,

You aren’t supposed to be socially accessible. I’m not referring to Facebook or MySpace. I’m talking Twitter. You see, your having a Twitter is not good for me. It’s too much temptation to just @ mention you. And I REALLY don’t want to get blocked before footy season starts. But seeing as how you chose to get one we should talk twitter etiquette.

First things first – I’m going to need you to convince Daniel Conn to get a Twitter account. He can choose some cool name like @ConnyIsHot or @IlovePriscilla. Those are just suggestions of course. Most importantly he just needs a Twitter account. All the cool kids are doing it. You should keep Mitchell from Twitter though until he figures out his facial expressions in pics. Case in point:

Secondly – Please tweet more than once a day. Even if it’s completely random or a pic of your dog, Roy is adorable, that is perfectly acceptable.

Third – I don’t actually have a third thing. It just sounds good in letters.

I look forward to the upcoming season.



PS: I’m glad your groin is all better.




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