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Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 03/31

NightOwl is busy dealing with ovary implosions so you’re stuck with me for Pic of the Day. Here’s an oldie – but definitely still a goodie.

So many wonderful things in this pic..........


Letter to a Rooster – Volume 8

Dear Brian Smith and the Sydney Roosters Club,

I’ve never written to you. Thus far I’ve spared you my feelings (please ignore all previous tweets). Tonight though, I must write to you and share how I am feeling.

I’ve just heard that you are bringing Daniel Conn back. I do not care if it’s only on the extended bench. The fact is he’ll be wearing red and blue this weekend AND his jersey will have a little Telstra Premiership badge that I want to lick. I can not express how happy this news has made NightOwl and I. It’s like the family is back together again (did you ever see A Very Brady Christmas? This is like when Mike is rescued from the building collapse). Anyway, I digress. The possibility of DC playing with TC, MP, BA and all the other boys puts a smile on our faces. Thanks for bringing him back. This is going to be a great weekend.

Now if only you would do something about the membership thing…………..

Oh well. One step at a time.


Two very happy Roosters fans

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 03/30

Todd Carney Tuesday – 03/29

I love the look of astonishment on the kid in the blue shorts face.

Here’s the good news I was wishing for…

Round 3: Roosters vs. Bulldogs

Well, it was a definite improvement from the last game but…

Final Score: Roosters: 20 / Bulldogs: 24

I had this picture bookmarked for the post and then we received an email from Mark, one of our readers, containing the same pic. Clearly this is a fan favorite 😉

Lastly, sad news….as you all know, Sam Perrett will miss eight weeks with a fractured ankle.


I’m REALLY hoping to have happy news to post after the next game

*fingers crossed*

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 03/28

I’m going to stop pretending this isn’t happening and go ahead and post these (hahahaha)…

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