Letter to a Rooster – Volume 9

Dear Todd Carney,

You know I’m a big fan. So it makes sense, in my mind, to have a twitter search set up for you (I swear I’m not crazy). This allows me to bitchface, I mean see the other people who are talking about you and see what news I’m missing. You know, since I’m not in Australia and apparently Rugby League is NOT important news here. I know, I’m appalled too, but I can’t change it. Anyway, in looking at the search results today I see there’s news of your sentence being reduced for drunk driving (try as I might, I can NOT call it drink driving. People look at me like I’M drunk when I use it. Don’t worry, I’m working on trying to get people to adopt the crazy Australian terms I love). But again, I digress (I get distracted easily).

Where was I?? Oh yeah, your sentence. I’m glad your sentence was reduced. I know a lot of people are complaining about it but I don’t look at life like everyone else. I believe everyone makes mistakes. And everyone gets the chance to fix them. Life isn’t always so cut and dry. Life isn’t squeaky clean. I’ve been through the loss of a parent. It sucks. You lose your mind, more so if you were close. And it’s not easy to recover from. Hell, I’m still recovering and it was almost 3 years ago. Shit happens after you go through something like that, mistakes happen. Sometimes those mistakes stay with you for years. People try to fix them for you but it’s not possible. You have to fix them. But you can’t always make one mistake and fix it immediately. Sometimes you have to repeat it before you eventually learn from it. So while some people are skeptical, critical and downright mean towards you and your mistakes, I applaud you. I applaud you for having the courage to admit that you have a problem. For having the strength to stand in front of millions of people and risk the backlash of the public to say that you screwed up. I’m still a new fan to Rugby League, The Roosters and you, but I believe in you. I believe that you can make the changes necessary to get past this. I believe that with hard work and a lot of effort, plus the support of your family, your life will be different. This stuff is what makes a true role model. It allows kids to see that life isn’t perfect, it’s not all Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana. Life is real, and you are living proof of it everyday.



Proud fan of Todd Carney


One response to “Letter to a Rooster – Volume 9

  • Anonymous

    wow you have a way with words Lindsey. That was beautifuly said.
    I’m sorry for the loss of your parent. Hope you have lots of wonderful memories of them and you. 🙂

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