Time to Change

Many of you who have followed the blog for a few months, know that NightOwl and I are still relatively new to the Rugby League world. The first team we found and fell in love with was the Roosters. The members of that team have been the reason and entire focus of this blog. But this blog has never been a “Roosters” blog, it’s been a blog about players.

Over the last year, we’ve spent time learning about the Rugby League world and all that it has. This time spent has shown us that there are  some amazing players out there that are on teams other than the Roosters. The time has come for us to expand our horizons and branch out.

What this means is, we will begin posting pics of some of our favorite players from other teams. We aren’t jumping ship on the Roosters. We still love and adore them and will continue to post pics. Mitchell Pearce Monday, Todd Carney Tuesday and Shaun Kenny-Dowall Saturdays will remain unchanged. We’ll still update the blog with the score and pics from the game. But pics eventually run out.  Short of his baby pics, we’ve posted just about every Daniel Conn pic that is known to man. And we don’t have, nor do we want, those. It’s time to grow the blog and make it better than ever.

We still hold a place in our heart for the Roosters. After all, they’re the team we root for every weekend.

Thank you for all of your visits, comments and support.



3 responses to “Time to Change

  • Anonymous

    May I request David Williams “Wolfman” of the Manly Eagles. I don’t know about his skills, but he is HOT!!

    • Lindsey

      Let’s be honest. When I say “favorite player”, it really just means that I think they’re hot. What the hell do I know about what makes a player good. LOL.

      I will agree that David Williams is quite hot. I’ll put him on the list. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Anonymous

    May I request more Robert Pattinson pics? Dude is HOTTTTTTT!

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