Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/09

Thanks for all of the emails and comments in regards to Daniel Conn. We are aware that he is retiring and are sad to hear the news. We also wish him the best with his surgery and hope he recovers quickly.

In addition, we are discussing if and how to proceed with the blog. This is the Daniel Conn fan club and you’ve all made it clear you come here for him. We’ll keep you updated once a decision been reached.



One response to “Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/09

  • Sherry

    OK so I am over Daniel Conn. Yes he is hot.. but after I saw his girlfriend I am totally disappointed. If she was a dime (a 10) I could be down with that.. but she is a fifty cent piece at best. Borderline jacked hideous so maybe you should change this to Hot NRL players because there are plenty of them. I wish Daniel the best but life goes on… Mitchell Pearce Mondays, Todd Carney Tuesdays and Shaun Kenny Dowall just fill in the rest. I always say you can be ugly or you can be a bitch but you CAN NOT be ugly and be a bitch sooooo Daniel Conn’s girlfriend must be really, really nice!!! So disappointed!!!!!

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