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Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 07/01 – Memories

I’ve delayed posting this because it makes me sad. Time to stop procrastinating.

Today is a bittersweet day. This marks our last post on DCFC. We’re so thankful for all of your support over the last year. To say goodbye, we’ve put together our favorite pics of Daniel Conn. We hope you enjoy! We’ll miss you all.

Thank you,

~Lindsey and NightOwl

Who doesn't love this GIF??


The picture that started it all................







Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/22

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/09

Thanks for all of the emails and comments in regards to Daniel Conn. We are aware that he is retiringĀ andĀ are sad to hear the news. We also wish him the best with his surgery and hope he recovers quickly.

In addition, we are discussing if and how to proceed with the blog. This is the Daniel Conn fan club and you’ve all made it clear you come here for him. We’ll keep you updated once a decision been reached.


Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/08

I'm going to miss seeing this face on the field.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/02

If we can't get a pic with a kid, this is the next best thing.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 06/01

I swear I only picked this pic because of the eyes.

Daniel Conn Pic of the Day – 05/26

Here’s a pic we haven’t seen in awhile.


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